Membership Information Form

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Membership Classes:

  • Family Membership: $1575
  • Single Membership: $825
  • Associate Membership: $575 (for members of other local shuls. No Security Fee or Building Maintenance Fee)

New: For the First Year of Membership

  • Family Membership: $1000
  • Single Membership: $550

Payments can be made in a single payment (please let us know when, if not immediately), or quarterly (September, December, March and June) or monthly (starting August, or a double payment in September).


Shul boxes are available for rental at $50 per year.


Please note that you will also be billed for the Building Maintenance Fee, due October 31

Family Members = $150

Individual Members = $75

The income from this fee will be used to help pay for maintenance and upkeep of the building.


We also will bill for the annual security fee, $100 for Family Members and $50 for Individual Members.


Please fill out the information you have available. We can always update it later.


Yahrzeit Plaques are $500 each. Please contact the office if you are interested.


We will never make “financial wealth” a basis for membership, participation, or recognition. If you have financial concerns regarding the membership rates and need to make an adjustment please contact the shul president. Thank you!


Please contact the Rabbi who would like to meet with all new members: Rabbi Moshe Shulman: 314-313-3120 or


Your Information


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