Young Israel of St. Louis


PARSHAT RE'EH                                                               SHABBAT MEVORCHIM


 Adi Feen & family to commemorate the Shloshim of her father, Dr. Irving Lissoos, and to thank everyone in the community for their chesed and comforting words. IY"H we will share only in simchas.

Barbara & Larry Poger in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Zev Lafer, in Chicago and to thank all of their friends at Young Israel for their wonderful support during the last 3 months.

Friday August 26th 

Candle Lighting                                                                    7:22 pm

Mincha/Maariv                                                                    7:00 pm

Saturday, August 27th

Hashkama                                                                              7:30 am

Chumash Shiur – R Boaz Shachak                                    8:15 am

Shacharit                                                                               9:00 am

Sof Zman Kri’at Shema                                                     9:44 am

Bnei Akiva                                                                            Bnei Akiva will resume in fall

Pre-Mincha Shiur*                                                               6:10 pm

Mincha                                                                                  7:10 pm

Shabbat Ends                                                                       8:20 pm



Pirkei Avot: The Worldview of our Sages and the Historical Context from which they Emerge

Kiddush:Sponsored by Joelle & Bill Zimbalist and Kathy & Sidney Machefsky in honor of the upcoming Chatuna of their children, Joseph and Aliza.

Seudah Shlishit: Sponsored by Kathy & Sidney Machefsky, in honor of our wonderful friends and the Young Israel family who have given us their support, assistance, and love in helping make Aliza and Joseph’s wedding celebration a joy.

Weekly Shacharit

Sunday                                                                                  8:00 am

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                    6:30 am

Friday                                                                                     6:40 am


Mincha/Maariv                                                                    7:20 pm


Rosh Chodesh Elul                                                              Tuesday/Wednesday – August 30/31




WEEKLY TORAH LEARNING AT YOUNG ISRAEL - check with you class leader for start date


8:45 am - TMK Tanach for Teens - Rabbi Assi Gastfraind

9:00 am - Tanach: Kings & Prophets - Dr. Mitch Wolf

8:45 am - Shiur for grades 6-8 - Rabbi M. Rovinsky


9:15 am - Tanach (Shoftim) - Rabbi Shulman

12:45 pm - TMK Women’s Beith Midrash (@ Newman’s) – Yael Shachak

8:15 pm - Talmud (Rosh Hashanah) - Rabbi Shulman

8:15 pm - Open Beit Midrash


11:30 am - Parsha (Women) - Rabbis Shulman/Rovinsky

8:15 pm - Talmud (Sanhedrin) (Men) - Rabbi Rosenbloom


12:00 pm - Sifrei Halacha - Dr. Joe Feder

8:00 pm - Tanach (Shoftim) - Rabbi Shulman


7:15 pm - Parsha - Dr. Dov Zeffren

After Maariv - Talmud (Brachot) - Dr. Norman Katz


8:15 am - Parsha –Rabbi Boaz Shachak

5 min into Kiddush - Mishnat Pinchas Parent/Child Learning

Pre-Mincha - Parsha / Topical - Rabbi Shulman

Between Micha & Maariv -Girls grades 8-12-Rabbi Rovinsky



ברכה חיה בתיה בת אלטא נחמה

אהובה בת חוה

מלכה גיטל בת עדינה

יהודית דבורה נעכא אסתר בת שרה

שרה לאה בת חנה גיטל

רות בת שרה

יהודית בת בריינא

שירה פייגא בת מאירה ליבא

קפירה חוהיהודית בת קיילה

גיטל יהודית בת הינדה

בריינא זיסל ברכה בת מינקה

מרים זעלדא בת חנה

שיינדל בת גיטל

דבורה פריווא בת אסתר בילה

חיה הדסה זהבה בת לאה רויזע

חיה מאירה מינדל בת חוה גולדא

הרב שלום בן נעכא פייגל

גרשון יצחק בן מאטל צירל

רפאל דוד בן ברכה

ראובן בן טובה חיה

זאבאליעזר בן חיה שיינדל

אלכסנדר בן שרה רבקה

יהושע בן זהבה

יואל אליעזר בן יוספה לאה

דוד הלל בן יוכבד

יעקב דוד רפאל בן חנה מינדל

תנחום טוביה בן פייגעל

יוסף בער בן אסתר חיה

נח בן אסתר רייזל

הלל יצחק בן לאה נעמי

KIDNAPPED CHAYAL:                                                    Gilad (ben Aviva) Shalit


Mazal Tov to Joseph Zimbalist on his aufruf and his upcoming marriage to Aliza Machefsky.

Mazal Tov to Aliza and Joseph on their upcoming marriage. Mazal Tov to parents, Joelle & Bill Zimablist from Silver Spring, Maryland, and Kathy & Sidney Machefsky. Mazal Tov and warmest welcome to the extended Zimbalist and Machefsky families who are here from far and near. Welcome to Joseph’s brothers and their families: Sara & Simi Zimbalist and children from Beit Shemesh, Israel, and Renee & Michael Zimbalist and children from Fair Lawn, NJ. Welcome to displaced Saint Louisans Sheryl & Bruce Schainker from Teaneck, NJ, and their children and grandchildren, and Debbie & Marty Wasserman from Miami Beach, FL, and their children and grandchildren. Welcome to the Machefsky clan: Pam & Ira Machefsky, Chavie & Donny Fuchs and children from Mitzpe Ramon, Israel, and Izzy BenEliezer from Atlanta, GA. Last but never least, a warm welcome to all of Aliza and Joseph’s friends who have come to celebrate their wedding.

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Mike & Selina Rovinsky on the engagement of their son, Avi, to Lizzy Bentley, of Indianapolis.


STONE DEDICATION: For Freyda Fredman will take place Monday, August 29th, at 11:30 a.m. at the Beis HaMedrash Hagadol Cemetery at Price and Ladue.

RABBI'S CLASSES: The Rabbi's class in Shoftim-Part 3: "Shimshon - Holy Man or Thug?" will begin the week of August 29 – Mondays at 9:15 am or Wednesdays at 8:00 pm.The Tuesday women's Parsha class will begin after the Chagim.

YOM TOV FORMS: Forms for seating, babysitting, lulov & etrog, and the Yizkor Book have been sent. The deadlines are soon, so please address them as soon as possible.


PICNIC: Sunday, September 11th, at Irv Zeid Park.

YOM IYUN: Sunday morning, September 18, "The Rabbi Alan Green Yom Iyun", in preparation for the High Holidays. The topic will be :"The Magical Formula of Selichot".


KOL HaNA'ARIM TALIT 2011, 5772: Young Israel of St Louis Women’s Division is preparing early!! The Talit is a special part of Simchat Torah services, held over the heads of the children during their Aliyah. To have your child’s or grandchild’s name added to the talit this year please send the name(s) in writing to Bonnie Drazen at or drop them in the mail along with payment of $18 per name to 8135 Amherst (63130). Payment and names are due no later than Friday, September 2nd.Any questions, please contact Bonnie at 727-3967


CHANUKAT HaBAYIT: Nusach Hari B’nai Zion invites the community to the dedication and opening of its new building on Sunday, August 28th. A car procession will leave the old building at 10:30 am. The Procession of Torahs to the new building will begin in front of Logos School at approximately 10:45 am and will end at the new building, 650 N. Price Rd. The dedication of the new building will follow at approximately 11:00 am. Everyone is invited to stay for light refreshments and a tour.

GRAND GIVE-AWAY: to benefit Esther Miller Bais Yaakov. We will be offering used items to community members. Come take what you want. A donation to EMBY of any amount is suggested. Sunday August 28th, 11 am-4 pm, 849 Duke (between Balson & Blackberry) For more information contact Pnina Nitsun 314-721-7951

LECTURE/PANEL DISCUSSION: Attention all physicians and those in health care field: The Maimonidies Society of the Jewish Federation is holding a CME (Certificate for Medical Education) event Monday August 29 at the Kopolow Building titled, "Medical and Rabbinic Perspectives in Managing End of Life Issues: A Case-Based Approach". Scientific background will first be presented by Dr. George Grossberg, followed by case presentations to a panel of Rabbis, led by Dr. Eldad Bialecki. The program is free and open to the public. For non-members, CME is $25. Please RSVP to Mindee Fredman at (314)442-3234

WOMENS’ TEHILLIM GROUP: At the home of Bobbi Gibli, 2 Delcrest Court, #204, Sundays @ 9:30 am. If you cannot participate in person, call 504-5593. The Tehillim hotline for names and updates is 995-7119.


Mishnat Pinchas: Starting 5 minutes after Kiddush.

Beit Midrash for Women: Will be on Mondays this year at the home of Faye Newman, 7916 Stanford at 12:45 pm, beginning this Monday, August 29th.

If you would like to host the bnot sherut for a meal, please contact Ruthie Asher at


Shul Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

Deadline for announcements:  Noon on Thursday &

for Mazal Tovs 10 AM on Friday

Rabbi Shulman’s personal contact info:, 314‑725‑6130 (home study)

Young Israel Web-site:

To sponsor a weekly Shul Announcement, for $36, email Judy ( or call (727-1880).